Beat The Statistics – Join The Ranks of the Top 5%
It’s time to beat the statistics. In order to be a real player (at minimum hit the $300k mark), you need to understand what sets these extraordinary, profitable, coaching entrepreneurs apart. And where you have personally become resigned or are holding back. Knowing what the 5% are doing will catapult you and short-cut your learning curve.

We can help you catapult your business. Here at, it is our job to help you rewrite your story, architect a profitable coaching business model and start building like an entrepreneur. Because it’s not just about running your coaching business- it’s about transforming it into a profitable company with consistent growth. Not only do we help with your business, but we can provide workers compensation southern california and mentoring through all aspects of life. We are thought leaders, driven to provide you with a clear path to what you want most in life. We are here to champion your success.

Both disrupting the status quo and transformation are key to breaking barriers for yourself, but also for making a major impact with your clients. What does it mean to disrupt the status quo? Simply put, it means no longer accepting being average or making ends meet. It’s time to rise above. From growing, to thriving, we will give you all the tools you need to create a profitable coaching business model that’s unique to you, and leaves a lasting legacy.

That’s what the ProfitCoach System™ is all about. Results with a purpose. We are talking about tangible, ever-growing progress and peace of mind. By joining our Academy you will have insider access to all the help and strategic coaching you need to meet your visionary and financial goals. We will catapult you and your business so you are working less, earning more, and achieving that one thing that many professional coaches and consultants consider a fairy tale: peace of mind.

There Are No Quick Fixes or Fairy Tales Here

Success comes by making smart decisions. But not just smart decisions- the right decisions. It means eliminating the clutter that keeps you distracted and doing the things that slow down your entrepreneurial progress. Success also comes by architecting the right kind of coaching business that is ideal for your lifestyle, expertise, gifts/strengths and experience.

We will help you set goals and measures for yourself and your business. Wanting to be a million dollar coach and working one day a week, all within the span of two years- that’s what we call a “pipe dream”.

A million dollar goal can very well be within your reach, but how do you expect to get there if you’re struggling to make just $100k? With our help, you will take your business from struggling to thriving and be a real player in the coaching industry.

How will you be known?

We are the experts at business coaching, and our results speak for themselves. We have been one of the leading pioneers of the business coaching industry since we started in 1989. In those 28 years we have helped over 7,000 businesses and business leaders. We have trained and certified high-ranking military professionals, pastors, professional coaches, psychologists, CEOs, attorneys and entrepreneurs in the art of coaching companies. We know our stuff. We have also facilitated over 1,000 meetings, spoken at over 200 events, have had articles featured in publications such as Fortune and Entrepreneur (to name a couple), and most importantly, we have transformed clients all over the world.

Our legacy is written all over this industry. We have been approached by Universities around the world to provide professional feedback on their coaching degree programs as well as organizations like the ICF and the WABC in the beginning of the industry to help develop professional industry criteria for coaching. To this day we still see our words living and breathing all across the global coaching industry.